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The Gospel Light Resource List
The following is a list of available resources from a variety of organizations that may be helpful to you as a blind or partially sighted individual. It includes various ministries that produce the Bible and other helpful books and resources in a variety of formats.

Some organizations offer materials at no cost, others ask for a donation, and others require payment for the materials or services they provide.

Part A of this document identifies some valuable resources for those who read Braille, Part B lists some excellent audio resources, and Part C describes some useful web sites, including online Bible commentaries, for those who work with screen readers such as Window-Eyes and JAWS.  Some organizations that produce products and accessories such as digital cartridges are also included in the resource list. 

Part A.  Braille Resources

Bibles for the Blind & Visually Handicapped International
3228 E. Rosehill Ave.
Terre Haute, IN 47805-1297
Phone/Voice: 812-466-4899

Web Site:

Bibles for the Blind & Visually Handicapped prints and distributes the Bible in Braille without charge to the blind and visually handicapped throughout the world who are otherwise unable to afford to read God's Word.  They also have information about a variety of other resources including audio Bibles and evangelistic tracks.   

Braille Bibles International
Post Office Box 378
Liberty, MO 64069-0378
Telephone: (800) 522-4253
Fax: (877) 822-4253

Web Site:

The mission of Braille Bibles International is to make God's Holy Word accessible to blind and visually impaired individuals.  They provide the Bible in Braille, large print, on NLS cartridge, and as a pocket Bible using a digital voice.  They also offer a three volume abridged concordance at no cost and a one volume book of Bible promises.

Lutheran Braille Workers (a ministry of Lutheran Blind Mission)
Telephone toll free: (800) 925-6092 (continental United States only) or (909) 795-8977


Web Site:
Lutheran Braille Workers produces the New International Version of the Bible in Braille at no cost to blind readers. Bibles are available in Amharic, Arabic, Burmese, Cantonese, Estonian, French, Indonesian, Kiswahili, Latvian, Malayalam, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, and English Contracted and Un-contracted Braille.  A Grade 2 Bible produced by Lutheran Braille Workers consists of 37 volumes embossed on durable 10x12 quality Braille paper. Each Bible takes up 5 feet of shelf space and is graciously produced by volunteers. The Bibles are provided free of charge to blind and vision impaired readers throughout the world.  To place an order, call the library or visit their web site at 
In addition to the Bible, Lutheran Braille Workers also offers a variety of other Christian books and pamphlets in multiple languages.  We highly recommend the free three-volume Braille hymnal entitled Crusade Hymns.  It contains some of the great hymns of the faith which can be difficult to find in Braille.

Part B. Audio Resources

Audio Bibles for the Blind
P.O. Box 621
 Bradenton, FL  34206
Telephone (941) 748-3031
Web site
The mission of Audio Bibles for the Blind is to make God’s Word, the Bible, available to blind, visually-impaired and print-handicapped people all across the globe. They do it every day in as many languages as they can generate and into as many countries as they can reach. They believe that God speaks through His Word of Truth and want to furnish it to as many people in need of it as they possibly can.
Audio Bibles for the Blind has both the King James Version and the New King James Version, as well as the Bible in many languages on NLS cartridges for use on the Digital Talking Book Player.  There is no cost whatsoever for this recording. It is given freely to those who provide the ministry with the blank cartridges needed to store the recording.  If you do not have a cartridge, Audio Bibles can supply one for a donation of $15 to help cover the cost of a blank cartridge.   

Braille Bibles International
This ministry which is described more fully in Part A provides both an audio Bible on NLS cartridge and a pocket audio Bible that uses a digital voice.
See the description of this ministry under Part A.
Chapel Library
 2603 W. Wright St.
 Pensacola, FL 32505
 Telephone (850) 438-6666


Web Site:

The mission of Chapel Library is to humble the pride of man, to exalt the grace of God in salvation, and to promote real holiness in heart and life, by sending Christ-centered materials from prior centuries worldwide without charge.  This ministry includes a cassette library of theologically sound books and sermons as well as print tracks and books.  They also publish the Free Grace Broadcaster which is an excellent quarterly publication that is available at no cost in print or electronic format.  Audio resources include sermons by Charles Spurgeon, a host of audio books, 6500 cassette sermons, and the Mount Zion pulpit for MP3 download.
Grace Gems Audio Treasures

Web Site:

The ministry of Grace Gems includes a treasury of ageless devotional writings by Puritans and other sovereign grace writers.  These writings have been updated for contemporary readers and recorded to minister comfort to the downcast, strength to the weak, and courage to those who have set their faces towards their glorious eternal home.  Above all, Grace Gems exists to exalt the Lord Jesus Christ in all His glory, beauty, and fullness, and to lead His people into greater communion with Him.
Each devotional reading averages from five to 10 minutes in duration and consists of a meditation on a passage from God’s word.
If you use a computer and would like to receive a new audio reading each day, send an e-mail to and ask to be added to the list of subscribers.  When you receive an audio reading, you will be given the option of opening or saving the file.
Thanks to the generosity of Grace Gems, Gospel Light has added a myriad of these brief audio readings to its library.  The recordings are available on NLS cartridge.

Lutheran Braille Evangelism Association
1740 Eugene St.
White Bear Lake, MN 55110-3312
Telephone: 651-426-0469


Web Site:
The Lutheran Braille Evangelism Association (LBEA) is a non-profit ministry, founded in 1952 by the blind Lutheran pastor John Gustav Erickson.  Its mission is to provide Scripture and other Christian materials to blind and sight impaired persons all over the world.  The LBEA Produces the BibleCourier (a pocket-size digital Bible) which is an incredible resource for those blind persons who want to study the word of God.  The BibleCourier is described below.
BibleCourier is an electronic pocket Bible designed especially for someone who is blind or visually impaired.  It consists of a hand-held, text-to-speech player that uses the DoubleTalk speech synthesizer from RC Systems to read the text.  It comes with rechargeable batteries, a built in speaker and a powerful Word Search Function.
BibleCourier can contain either one complete Bible plus Matthew Henry’s concise Bible commentary, or two different complete Bible versions in the one BibleCourier unit.  It also includes a KJV concordance, a Glossary of terms, and other study aids, all at the subsidized cost of $75.  Using the BibleCourier through its built-in speaker or for private listening through the supplied earphones you can listen to the Bible without being connected to a computer.
The BibleCourier is specifically designed to help you jump quickly to any book, chapter, or verse within the Bible using raised buttons on the keypad.  You can also set bookmarks on your favorite verses and then jump directly to them. BibleCourier also provides a powerful search feature that lets you quickly zero in on a particular spot in the Bible.
Reformed Audio
Web Site:
Reformed Audio provides high quality audio readings of literature from renowned Christian theologians and preachers.  In addition, they also offer PDF versions of many of the articles they have recorded.  Since they’re desire is to see these readings disseminated to the widest possible audience, they have graciously permitted us to add their recordings to our library here at Gospel Light Foundation for the Blind.  Any of the books or articles in our library recorded by Reformed Audio will begin by identifying Reformed Audio as the ministry responsible for the recording.

If you use a screen reader, the easiest way to navigate the web site is to down arrow to media, press enter, and either arrow to, or search for the link titled Authors.  Press enter on this link, scroll down to the letter of the alphabet which corresponds to the last name of the author you are interested in, and press enter.  Scroll to the recording(s) you desire and download them at no cost.

Reading Sibbes Aloud Project
Web Site:
This reading project provides a growing collection of sermons from the Puritan preacher Richard Sibbes.   They are read by Pastor Mark Dever to his congregation that they might be exposed to this great preacher.  Mark Dever serves as senior pastor of Capitol Hill Baptist church in Washington D.C.
The readings were recorded and may be downloaded at no cost.  Gospel Light Foundation for the Blind has also been granted permission to distribute the recordings and we can provide them to you on NLS cartridge.

Richard Sibbes (1577-1635) was an influential Puritan preacher and author and a master at the practical application of Scripture and theology.  He became known as “the heavenly Doctor,” due to his godly preaching and heavenly manner of life.
Charles Spurgeon Audio Sermons

Web Site:

Now you can listen to one of the greatest and most beloved preachers the Lord has raised up for the advancement of the gospel and the equipping of His church.  This web site takes you to hundreds of Spurgeon’s sermons.  These sermons were professionally read by Charles Koelsch and were originally recorded for a radio program called "The Prince of Preachers."  The reading is superb.  These same recordings are also available on digital cartridge from Gospel Light.

Digital Talking Book Cartridges for the NLS Book Player
As you read our materials using your NLS digital player, there may be some books and articles you really would like to own.  Well, all you need to do is to purchase your own digital cartridge, send it our way, and we will send it back filled with as many of your favorite books as it will hold.  This is one of the least costly ways of acquiring materials for your own personal library.
Typically, a cartridge will hold more than one book so you can enjoy a lot of quality reading with just one cartridge.  For example, we can place quite a few of Charles Spurgeon’s professionally recorded sermons on one cartridge.  If you are a computer user, you can also purchase a USB cable and download MP3 audio files from your computer for use on your Digital player. There are some great web sites out there and we have included some of them in this resource list.
The following are some organizations from which you can purchase digital cartridges and USB cables.
1. American Printing House for the Blind, Inc.
1839 Frankfort Avenue
Louisville, KY 40206
Telephone: (502) 895-2405 or (800) 223-1839

Web Site:
A 4GB (gigabyte) digital talking-book cartridge sells for $13.00. The USB cables, needed for connecting the digital cartridge to your computer sell for $5.00.  No shipping except in Kentucky.  No postage.
2. Adaptive Technology Perkins Products
175 N. Beacon
Watertown, MA 02472
Telephone: (617) 972-7357
Web Site:

A 4GB cartridge is $12.69, and a smaller 512MB is $9.99. A USB cable may also be purchased separately for $5.00. Free Shipping, except in MA, ME, NY & CT.
3. Howell Mobility Products
717 Louis Avenue
Royal Oak, MI 48067-4603
Telephone: (248) 548-0681 or (877) 970-5550
Web Site:

The price for a 4GB blank cartridge is $12.00, and the smaller 512MB is $10.00.  The USB cable is $3.00. There is a shipping charge of $3.00.  Order only by phone or mail.
4. Doxology Press Theological Works On MP3 Audio
Web Site:
Doxology Press aims at showing the glory of God in all of life and promoting theological resources to that end.  One ministry of Doxology Press is the translation of classic writings of great theologians into digital voice recordings made available as MP3 files.  The link identified in our resource list takes you directly to works by men such as John Calvin, Jonathan Edwards, John Owen, Saint Augustine, and Charles Hodge.
This ministry is a work in progress.  Some books have been fully translated into digital voice and others are still being converted.  Examples of works that have been completed include Institutes of the Christian Religion by John Calvin, Systematic Theology by Charles Hodge, and The Confessions of Saint Augustine.
The digital voice used is very clear which enhances the listening process.  The MP3 files have been made available to Gospel Light for distribution to the blind on NLS cartridge.
NLS Digital Talking Book Player and cartridges

Web site

The NLS digital player and cartridges are made by the National Library Service for their blind readers. The player is about 6 inches by 9 by 2, weighing slightly over 2 pounds.  On the front edge is a pull-out handle, and above the handle is the opening for the cartridge.  A single cartridge can hold several recorded books at once.
The basic model player has the power button, play, rewind, fast forward, sleep and volume control.  The advanced model has all the same features as the basic, plus allowing the reader to move between books, chapters, phrases, and bookmarks.

Audio materials from Gospel Light Foundation for the Blind are distributed on NLS cartridges.
Part C. Web Sites For Persons Who Use Screen Readers
The Cyber Hymnal

Web Site:

The Cyber Hymnal is an easy to use website that contains the lyrics and midi files for thousands of hymns.  Scroll down until you find the links for the letters of the alphabet.  When you click on the link for a given letter, the song titles that begin with that letter are listed.  Find the letter you want, enter on that letter, and use your screen reader’s find command to locate the title of the hymn.  Once you find the title, press enter and the midi file will play the melody.  If you hit the escape key, the melody will stop and you can scroll down to read the lyrics of the hymn.
Free Grace Broadcaster

The Free Grace Broadcaster is produced by Chapel Library and consists of a 48-page quarterly digest of classic messages from prior centuries. Each issue focuses on a different theme. Unified Bible exposition from multiple centuries of Christian history brings clarity and conviction! The Broadcaster is useful for personal devotions, discipleship, family worship, training, and sermon preparation.
This is an excellent resource that we highly recommend for those listeners who use screen readers or have relatives, fellow church members, or friends who will read the publication to them.  Chapel Library sends out the Broadcaster via e-mail to those who sign up.  To receive the publication by e-mail, contact Chapel Library by telephone at 850-438-6666 or e-mail your request to  Previous issues of the Broadcaster can also be downloaded from the web site.

John Gill’s Exposition of the Entire Bible
To use this resource, simply search for the title of the book containing the passage you want to study.  Once you have found the book, simply arrow down through the list of chapters until you find the one you are looking for.  Each chapter contains a link to the text of Gill’s exposition so when you find the chapter you want, press enter and his notes for that chapter will be displayed. Then scroll down to bypass the links at the top of the page until you reach the text of the commentary.  Prior to each chapter, there is introductory text that can be helpful in gaining a broader understanding of the chapter. 

If you want to focus on a specific verse, type the word verse followed by a space followed by the number of the verse you want to study e.g., verse 23.  This will take you directly to the verse you are looking for. Though many of the sentences are quite lengthy, this commentary is a valuable study tool.

Of his commentary, Charles Spurgeon said “For good, sound, massive, sober sense in commenting, who can excel Gill?”
Matthew Henry’s Complete Commentary

This website contains the text of one of the most valuable commentaries available online for a student of the Bible.  The site is very easy to use for those who work with screen readers.  Search for the book of the Bible you want to study using control+shift+f.  When you find the link for the book you want, press enter.  Then, search for the chapter you want by typing the word chapter, inserting one blank space, and typing the number of the chapter e.g., chapter 6.  When you find the chapter you want, press enter.  Use your screen reader key commands to scroll past all of the other links on the page until you find the commentary itself.  Prior to the text of Henry’s commentary on the chapter are links to other commentators which you may find helpful.

Matthew Henry was a 17th and early 18th Century minister of the Gospel in Chester, England, and died in 1714.  Quoting Charles Spurgeon: "First among the mighty for general usefulness we are bound to mention the man whose name is a household word, Matthew Henry. He is most pious and pithy, sound and sensible, suggestive and sober, terse and trustworthy." 
Morning and Evening: Online text of daily meditations by Charles Spurgeon.

Web Site:

Charles H. Spurgeon was England's best-known preacher for most of the second half of the 19th century.  He is popularly referred to as the prince of preachers.  Morning and Evening consists of brief meditations on passages of Scripture which Spurgeon prepared for each day of the year and it continues to be a popular daily devotional.
New American Standard Bible online search engine

This is an excellent website for users of screen readers as it is easy to navigate.  As soon as you open the site, there is an edit box in which you can enter the reference for a Bible passage or a word or phrase you are looking for.  When looking for a chapter, type the name of the book, insert a space and type the chapter number.  When looking for a verse, type the name of the book, insert a space, enter the chapter number immediately followed by a colon followed by the verse number (do not insert spaces between the chapter number, the colon and the verse number e.g., John 5:24).  When looking for a key phrase, place a quotation mark at the beginning and end of the phrase e.g., “fear of the Lord” or “justified by faith”.  Scroll past the links and you will find the results of your search.
The Treasury of David
By Charles Spurgeon

This web site contains the text of Charles Spurgeon’s magnificent commentary on the book of Psalms.  It is a masterpiece combining superb literary achievement with rich Bible exposition.  Spurgeon's wife said that if Spurgeon had never written any other work, this would have been a permanent literary memorial.  In the preface to this work Spurgeon remarks “The delightful study of the Psalms has yielded me boundless profit and ever-growing pleasure; common gratitude constrains me to communicate to others a portion of the benefit, with the prayer that it may induce them to search further for themselves.”
This great work is now available online at no cost.  The website shown above is very easy to use for those who work with screen readers.  Search for the word psalm followed by a single blank space followed by the number of the psalm you want to study e.g., psalm 33.  Press enter and scroll down to the text of Spurgeon’s commentary for that psalm.  If you want to read Spurgeon’s notes on a given verse, search for the word verse followed by a single space followed by the number of the verse e.g., verse 96.
Below Spurgeon’s exposition are additional resources to help preachers, but they are valuable tools for any serious Bible student.  The first resource is titled EXPLANATORY NOTES AND QUAINT SAYINGS which are observations from other great preachers and teachers.  Below this is a section called HINTS TO THE VILLAGE PREACHER.  This part contains input from Spurgeon to help lay preachers with less training prepare their sermons.  The last section entitled WORKS UPON THE PSALM lists other men’s treatment of the psalm in various sermons and commentaries.

Please note:  Those overseeing the ministry of Gospel Light Foundation for the Blind may not share all of the theological convictions of certain authors and preachers whose materials are made available through the various resources identified here.  Nevertheless, the authors of the books, lectures, papers, and sermons referenced here clearly held fast to the essential doctrines of the Christian faith including the inspiration and inerrancy of the Bible, the existence and perfections of the one true and triune God, the sinless humanity and deity of Jesus Christ, the depravity of man, Christ’s substitutionary death for sinners, His historic resurrection and eminent return, and the doctrine of salvation by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone.  These preachers and teachers all shared the conviction that the chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy Him forev


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